Antoine Leclercq

Antoine Leclercq, born in 1983 in Brussels, is a Belgian sculptor.

Trained as a landscape architect and being a self-taught sculptor, Antoine chose abstraction and monumentality to bring his artistic visions to life.

If his works are abstract by definition, they are committed to keeping a link with the figurative, by subtly staging the human being, his emotions and his expressions. In the same way, the use of corten steel, which is visually a heavy and powerful material, allows the artist to express soft, smooth and sensual shapes.

Leclercq has a multidisciplinary approach, and strives to ensure the successful integration of his pieces within the natural landscape, an inexhaustible and timeless source of creation.

The work of Antoine Leclercq, promoted by various Belgian, Dutch and American galleries, has been the subject of public exhibitions on several occasions, and particurarly at the 'Sculpture Link' in Knokke in 2020.