Sali Muller

Sali Muller (born in 1981), lives and works in Luxembourg. She holds a Master in Visual Arts from the UMB University Marc Bloch (Strasbourg).

Sali Muller’s works are primarily made with an idea, which she materializes mentally, before finally concretizing it physically through objects, lights, or sound installations.

Like many conceptual artists of the past 50 years, she explores the role of the individual, his relationship to the environment and to his own existence. To do so, Sali physically engages the viewer by using mostly mirrors. They are objects of thousand-year-old fantasy, which pictorial complexity inspired the Flemish masters of the Renaissance back in the 15th century.

As a modern alchemist, she stimulates our perception through the poetic prism of modified mirrors, which no longer reflect in a linear way.

By giving them real autonomy, Sali Muller questions the contemporary self-image obsession, and imagines a magical world where the mirror refuses the ever-increasing vanity of human beings.

In her latest series of works, she uses dichroic glass, which, depending on the viewing perspective and the angle of incidence of the light rays, makes it possible to obtain a subtle work that constantly changes colors.

Meanwhile through her recent ‘Ultra Contemporary Landscape’ series, Sali is still experiencing the medium & its relation to the material in order to offer us her personal vision of a futuristic (and maybe apocalyptical) landscape.


image Nebula

'Ultra Contemporary Landscape, 2021'

image Ultra Contemporary Landscape, 2021
Ultra Contemporary Landscape, 2021

'Verschiebung der Wirklichkeit'

image Verschiebung der Wirklichkeit
Verschiebung der Wirklichkeit

'Ultra Contemporary Landscape, 2022'

image Ultra Contemporary Landscape, 2022
Ultra Contemporary Landscape, 2022

'Spectra (Red), 2023'

image Spectra (Red), 2023
Spectra (Red), 2023

'Spectra, 2023'

image Spectra, 2023
Spectra, 2023