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Silica Contemporary was created in 2023 by Franck Vitetta, an art advisor based between the South of France and Italy.

At the crossroads between private art consulting and a spaceless gallery, this hybrid project came alive to keep working with our existing clients. We met those passionate collectors during our past experiences as gallerists and we still have to provide them our accurate advice in order to keep feeding their growing art collections.

But maybe more crucial was our need to promote a new generation of artists.  Selected for their talent and their clear-sighted vision of our transitional society, Silica aims to be the symbolic platform for their artistic thoughts on the occasion of ephemeral exhibitions.

Whether at the heart of a contemporary art fair or conversely in a more curatorial form, we take particular care to exhibit the works of our artists within an appropriate space. We always try to create a sensitive connection between the art we display, the architecture around and sometimes even with the city where we are running our exhibition project!

As part of our consulting activity, our philosophy is to support our clients as well as possible in their acquisition projects, with a view to personalization and transparency. This support translates into a whole range of services that we offer, from the choice of the work to its final installation at home: meetings, international fairs visits, financing proposals via our partners (e.g. leasing for companies), in situ presentation of the selected piece before acquisition, complete organization of deliveries, etc.

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